The name of our company is made up of two parts.

The first – VC – is short for the Latin phrase “Vanilla Caelum” which means “Vanilla Sky”. VC is the top value of our company, that’s why we had to include it in the name itself.

The second part – Kern – is a colloquial name for cardboard tubes, which are used in the printing industry.



What’s our business model?

Our offer is created with our clients – companies representing the printing industry – in mind.

We always respond to their expectations, that’s why we’ve created a dedicated mode of cooperation – based on understanding and flexibility. Its foundations are both simple and perfectly suited to the expectations of our audience:

We deliver products of quality, on time, and with exact service quality that’s expected by our clients.


„VC KERN“ obejmuje  „Vanilla Caellum

How does the culture of our company look like?

The shaping of our organizational culture is a deliberate action which involves all employees. From the CEO to an apprentice.

Everyone has an influence on how the company works and everyone can shape it – according to our values.

Following the LEAN methodology, we’re looking for constant improvement and enhancement. This process applies to all areas of functioning of our company. From the most basic production processes all the way to strategic management decisions.



How important are the values to us?

We consider the values to be an unwritten constitution. We can’t imagine functioning without them. That’s why all processes and actions must be in accordance with the values that we hold to. .


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