Employee Development

We put a huge emphasis on the development of new skills of our employees.

We treat every person individually and provide them with training, workshops, and conferences that suit their needs, goals, and predispositions.

We know that people are the most important investment. That’s why it doesn’t matter what their position is – we care about all our employees.

Long-term Development

We are not interested in the so-called quick deals, uncertain solutions or ventures that are not about the quality.

We are inspired by Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, who put a dummy representing his client’s interests at the board of directors table.

At our table, we have Doctor K – who represents long-term customer development.

Unstoppable Innovation

Our mission is to introduce technology to seemingly simple products.

That’s why we’ve established a special R&B department the goal of which is to come up with new solutions.

GA team of top-rated industry specialists works on finding and implementing new solutions (both features and products) every day.

High Quality

We have an elaborate cardboard tubes manufacturing and control system in place.

To assure you of the highest quality, we check our products at every stage. On top of that, we use a variety of systems (such as Poka-Yoke) to further ensure the top quality.

No product the quality of which we’re unsure will ever leave our company.

Effective Management

Management is for us like driving a car. It requires ongoing corrections and paying attention to the situation on the road all the time.

We own a proprietary system which enables control and correction of all data in real time.

All of that, together with constant development, attention to detail, and effectiveness, allows us to offer products that meet your expectations.

Success Celebration

A long-term project paid for with hard and very intense work that is a success. Smaller, but equally intense accomplished tasks.

After every such project, we’re accompanied by what we call Vanilla Caelum.

It’s a feeling of hard work combined with the huge satisfaction of success.

That’s exactly how we celebrate all achievements at our company.

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce technology to simple products. 


What everyone views as a seemingly simple product, we see as capabilities and solutions which are its added value. We use technology to deliver ever-better products which fulfill specific needs and are a perfect match for the expectations of our customers. Our company culture (information flow “from the bottom-up”) makes every member of the team feel that they can make a real impact on the functioning of our company.

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